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"War itself is the enemy of the Human Race" HowardZinn

"War becomes perpetual when it is used as a rationale for peace."

The time has come for all Americans to stand together and demand anti war representation at all levels of government!

Anti War March October 21st 2017

On October 21st 2017 All concerned  progressives, libertarians, greens, democrats, and conservatives are invited to come together to form an Anti War Party.  Local groups will mark the 50th anniversary of the historic anti war movement by marching, drafting mission statements, and selecting local nominees for the first anti war congress. 

Help save the Republic

Perpetual Warfare is the greatest threat to representative democracies. Only a grassroots social movement can alter the disastrous course the nation is currently on.  The crisis of leadership in both major parties must be responded to with a common sense anti war party dedicated to the ideal, "government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth."

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